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Camp Thailand Volunteer English Teaching Program (TEFL)

We offer tailor made English Camps for schools throughout Thailand which will comprise up to 60 hours per month of English language tuition and approximately up to 80 hours per month of activities, excursions and sports including football, tennis and swimming coaching/tuition delivered by our team of professional teachers/coaches/tutors

Schools can choose 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 months (one semester) from 1stMay 2015 through 28th December every year. Teachers will teach from Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.

N.B. Schools can also book our Camp Thailand Volunteer English Teachers for periods as short as half a day, one day or multiple days. We will tailor a program to suit your specific requirements.

Benefits for the schools or organizations who join the Camp Thailand Volunteer English Program
  • Schools receive experienced, professional, native volunteer English Speaking teachers (TEFL).
  • Now every school can afford English Speaking teachers! All we ask from you is that you pay for Daily return transportation costs to your school and you provide them with a lunch at school.
  • Our teachers are experts in breaking down shyness and getting students to converse in English!
  • English Camps Thailand has over 40 years of combined education experience.
Camp Thailand Professional English Teaching Program (TEFL)

If you are a Thai school or corporation looking for full time or part time Native English Speaking Teachers to join your organization please get in touch with us, we will be happy to introduce you to graduates of our Camp Thailand Professional English Teaching Program (TEFL) Please Click on the following link: http://englishcampsthailand.com/recruitment.php

Camp Thailand English Language Academy for Global Citizens

Our English Language Academy receives and prepares students of English from around the world to participate on the international platform by learning to express themselves, their needs, and negotiate meaning for a common goal. Our program is based on the National Standards for Foreign Language Teaching developed by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages along with 21st century skills as it applies to foreign language learning including, but not limited to Global Awareness, Multicultural Literacy, Critical Thinking and Civic and Social Responsibility. The standards for Teaching a Foreign Language in ASEAN member countries have also been integrated into the concept development of the program so as to support the English language learning goals for the ASEAN community of English learners it serves.


In many parts of the world and particularly in ASEAN member countries, the emphasis placed on English language learning has become of paramount importance. At the same time, it has become increasingly evident that students need more activity and stimulus in their lives. Add these two facts together and you have the founding philosophy behind our English Language Academy for Global Citizens. We aim to bring the best of both experiences to thousands of young people. We are focused on teaching English and providing fun and rewarding activities for the students to immerse themselves in. And we know how many other benefits accrue as a result - friendships, communications skills, teamwork, respect, cultural awareness, self-esteem and the pure joy of achievement.


Our English language instructors are trained to work with students whose abilities range from beginner right up to advanced level. When the students arrive at the camp they are given a short English language test to determine their current ability. Students are then placed into groups based on their level of English proficiency. The program is comprised of 17 modular levels, that build upon themselves, each of which consists of 30 hours of English language tuition and approximately 40 hours of diverse and fun activities that are designed to enhance and reinforce the individual students learning process. Each level is completed over a 2-week (14 nights and 15 days) period. Many students join us only for one level (2-week period) before returning home. Others, stay with us at one Camp Thailand location to complete two or more levels or travel to a different Camp Thailand location to complete one or more levels there. At the end of each level the students receive a certificate of successful completion for that level.