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English Language Courses: For Individuals and Corporations

In addition to a highly acclaimed General English Language Program that consists of 17 levels of proficiency and focuses on Conversation, Listening, Reading and Writing we offer English language courses designed to help managers and staff to improve their English language communication skills.

Our courses are tailor made to fit the specific needs of each client and student progress is monitored throughout the course.

Our fully-qualified Educational Consultants are native English speakers with advanced degrees. They are also certified English language instructors (TEFL/TESOL). These expert instructors go to great lengths to ensure special attention is given to the individual learning needs of each and every student. Their interactive educational style is enjoyable, effective and produces measurable results.

Conversational English for Tourism

This course is designed for employees engaged in the Travel and Tourism industry who need to improve their English communication skills. It is also suited to students intending to make a career in this industry.

Conversational English for Resorts and Hotels

This course is designed for managers and staff of resorts and hotels who need to improve their English communication skills. By the end of this course participants will be speaking with confidence and without fear of making mistakes.

Writing for Business

When faced with the task of writing in English many people suffer from stress, fear of making mistakes and the inevitable miscommunication leading to delays and costly errors. This course solves these problems.
You will learn how to write effective and clear emails, memos, faxes and letters. You will also learn how to respond to written requests and complaint.

Individual Coach and Mentor

Many employees simply do not have the time or flexibility to attend a regularly scheduled course.

This course affords them that flexibility and provides the opportunity to work with an English language coach one on one. The coach will design a course aimed at specifically improving upon and correcting areas of weakness. For example some people may need help with listening, others may need help with pronunciation. The coach will address these problems and after the course is complete the coach will be available to help in the role as a mentor.

Professional Training Programs

We also offer a series of Business Training Programs aimed at increasing corporate Profitability and efficiency by elevating employee proficiency and morale.

Superior Customer Service

One lost customer may cost a thousand baht or over a million baht: whichever type your customer might be, why not enroll your team on this program which shows them how to deliver professional customer service and give your company an advantage over the competition.
Our approach combines use of language with the techniques of superior customer service which will help your team deliver high satisfaction to your customers.

Sales Maximization!

If you and your team members need to sell in English, then "Sales Maximisation!" will help them gain confidence and mastery in the various parts of the sale.
From creating rapport to probing for needs, to handling objections and then closing, this program is essential if you would like your sales team to boost their effectiveness.

High-Impact Socialising

Would you like to improve your team's ability to socialise, network, and identify business opportunities? Do your colleagues regularly interact, work with or sell to foreign clients?
High-Impact Socialising is a must-have for anyone who finds themselves in the situations described above. On this program participants gain extensive practice in the most common areas of social use, ensuring that their business engagements will always be full of confidence.

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