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What are TEFL and TESOL?

TEFL is an acronym for Teaching English as a Foreign Language and TESOL is an acronym for Teaching English Speakers of Other Languages.

Essentially TEFL and TESOL are methodology of teaching English to non-native English speakers without knowing their first language. In order to be able to become a certified TEFL or TESOL instructor or teacher, you will need to be able to speak and write English to a native or near native level.

Once TEFL or TESOL qualified, you will have the opportunity to earn a living or volunteer, teaching English anywhere in the world!

Why invest in and earn a TEFL or TESOL Certification?

  • Your chance to "Give Back" and "Make a difference in the World!" For many students of English, proficiency in English is their passport to a more successful career and better life.
  • Become a travelling teacher and explore the world.
  • Live and work abroad while experiencing other cultures and sharing yours.
  • Makes for a perfect "Gap Year" experience.
  • Perfect if you are taking a time out or are wanting to make a meaningful career transition.
  • Develop, improve and perfect your teaching skills.
  • The ideal foundation for an M.A. or Higher Diploma in TEFL or TESOL by allowing you the opportunity to gain prior English Language teaching experience abroad.

Word of caution: Not all TEFL or TESOL Course providers or Courses are created equally!

  1. Many TEFL or TESOL Courses are not accredited or recognized internationally. Ours Are!
  2. Many TEFL or TESOL Course Instructors do not have advanced degrees. Ours Do!
  3. Most TEFL or TESOL Course providers are only approved to issue a TEFL or TESOL Certification. We are able to issue both!
  4. Rarely, do you see an internationally accredited TEFL or TESOL Course provider provide a "Guaranteed Job Placement Offer" to its graduates. We pride ourselves on our abilities to make this pledge!
  5. Seldom, will you find an internationally accredited TEFL or TESOL Course provider being able to make a 100% job placement offer or money back guaranteed program. We Do!