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About Camp Thailand Adventures

Camp Thailand Adventures

Have you ever dreamedof going to Thailand? Have you ever thought about working in a summer camp? We have planned the perfect experience for you with Camp Thailand Adventures! We have combined the best that Thailand has to offer with a Camp experience.


Do you have that urge to live outside the box? To go out into the world and do something different? Camp Thailand Adventures is the way to do it! Traveling alone is incredible, but working at Camp gives you the chance to get a real feel for the country and its people, while making positive change. You can fully involve yourself within the community, and the experiences you gain from this will live with you forever. By working with other applicants like yourself, and sharing these experiences, you will create lifelong friendships and memories. Working at Camp gets you involved and interacting with the local community, giving you a true insight into Thai culture. You will experience so much more than your average tourist! We have crammed in the best Thailand has to offer and you can choose between two separate locations or why not join us for a month or more at each location;

Camp A: The Beach and Secret Garden (Cha-Am Beach and SuanPhueng District)

Teaching English to local children at English Camps, schools and an orphanage. When not teaching you can kick back and chill out at the beach, participate in a bicycling tour, enjoy a water theme park, go on an ATV adventure, partake in paintballing, Muay Thai boxing, Thai cooking classes, and visit a monkey temple and an insect temple and a real life fishing village and floating market. There is a quiz night completion on Monday nights, a darts competition on Tuesday nights and a night market every Wednesday. You will also visit Thailand's "Secret Garden", the SuanPhueng district. Here you can camp in tents on a working vineyard, hike up a nine level waterfall, kayak and soak in natural hot-springs.

Camp B: Elephant Sanctuary (Surin Province in North East Thailand)

Teaching English to local children in Surin, working and caring for elephants, helping in a rural silk village, kayaking, raft building, Muay Thai boxing, Thai cooking classes. Whichever Camp you use there is an organised bonfire BBQ party at each location! We even offer optional trips to Cambodia and an Island Hopping trip once Camp has finished! The great thing about Camp Thailand Adventures is that it is open to anyone who is at least 18 and we offer year round intake dates. We do everything together as a team so you truly get to know one another. It's fair to say that your Facebook friend list will never ever be the same again as we make a real and meaningful difference to those around us and enriching our own lives along the way.